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News from Jan 19, 2018

SFB 1112 Publication Highlight: Giulbudagian et al., Theranostics: Breaking the barrier ...

News from Nov 30, 2017

Presentation Award for SFB 1112-Doctoral Studen S. Albrecht, Doktoranden-Symposium Biomedical Sciences 2017

News from Oct 16, 2017

Special Issue of European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

News from Jun 12, 2017

IRTG "Nanocarriers": Poster Awards

News from Jun 01, 2017

Poster award for SFB 1112 doctoral student C. Hausmann, 21st Annual Meeting of Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie 2017

News from Mar 23, 2017

SFB 1112 Publication Highlight: Schulz et al., PNAS: Data-based modeling of drug penetration ...

News from Mar 21, 2017

Winners of IRTG Project Support Grant: S. Albrecht and A. Elpelt

News from Dec 19, 2016

Special Issue Journal of Controlled Release

News from Nov 28, 2016

Call for Proposals IRTG Project Support Grants - Application deadline: October 13, 2016

News from Sep 27, 2016

Best Poster Award for presentation of SFB 1112-group Mundhenk/Gruber at European Veterinary Pathology Congress 2016

News from Sep 12, 2016

Job offer at FU Berlin: Universitätsprofessur für Pharmakologie, application deadline: September 8, 2016

News from Aug 28, 2016

ROSA-Award "Atopic Dermatitis", La Roche-Posay, 2016, for SFB 1112 Publication

News from Jul 05, 2016

"Physik-Studienpreis"-Award for SFB 1112 doctoral student Pierre Volz

News from Jun 13, 2016

Guest Scientist Dr. Lydia Bouchet, National University of Cordoba, Argentina

News from Apr 20, 2016

Poster Awards IRTG "Nanocarriers"

News from Apr 14, 2016

Poster Awards - International Conference on Dermal Drug Delivery by Nanocarriers

News from Mar 17, 2016

Daniel Klinger appointed Junior Professor for Chemical Nanopharmaceutics

News from Mar 03, 2016

International Conference on Dermal Drug Delivery by Nanocarriers

News from Nov 13, 2015

Guest scientist Dr. Viktor Korzhikov, State University St. Peterburg, Russia

News from Nov 12, 2015