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IRTG "Nanocarriers": Poster Awards

News from Jun 01, 2017

During the 6th General Assembly of SFB 1112 young scientist of IRTG "Nanocarriers" were awarded with the Poster Prize for the year 2016.

The winners are:

First Prize:

Hannah Pischon, Moritz Radbruch, Anja Ostrowski, Michael Unbehauen, Christian Gerecke, Burkhard Kleuser, Rainer Haag, Lars Mundhenk, Achim D. Gruber, 2016:
CMS Nanocarriers possess high biocompatability in vitro and in mice following topical application on healthy and inflamed mouse skin

Hannah Pischon is a veterinarian working on her disssertation project "Nanocarriers in the skin of Imiquimod-induced Psoriasis-like mouse model: Penetration, effects of barrier dysfunction and improved targeting of inflammation" within SFB 1112-project C03 (groups of L. Mundhenk und A. Gruber).

Second Prize:

Nadine Döge, Stefan Hönzke, Fabian Schumacher, Benjamin Balzus, Miriam Colombo, Sabrina Hadam, Fiorenza Rancan, Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Anke Schindler, Eckart Rühl, Per Stahl Skov, Martin Church, Sarah Hedtrich, Burkhard Kleuser, Roland Bodmeier, Annika Vogt, 2016:
Ex vivo microdialysis for the pre-clinical assessment of dexamethasone release kinetics in barrier-disrupted human skin

Nadine Döge is a M.Sc. Life Science Engineering working on her dissertation project "Validation of ex vivo human skin as model for the investigation of transcutaneous penetration" within SFB 1112 project C04 (groups of A. Vogt and U. Blume-Peytavi).

Third Prize:

Silke Lohan, Sebastian Ahlberg, Julia Hasler, Alexander Mensch, Sonja Bauersachs, Nuttakorn Baisaeng, Cornelia M. Kecke, Rainer H. Müller, Ellen Witte, Kerstin Wolk, Michael Unbehauen, Rainer Haag, Marcelo Calderón, Michael Giulbudagian, Steffen Hackbarth, Beate Röder, Jürgen Lademann, Martina C. Meinke, 2016:
Formation of reactive oxygen species by novel nanocarriers in skin cells and possible prevention strategies investigated by EPR spectroscopy

Biologist Dr. Silke Lohan is postdoctoral researcher in the SFB 1112 project B01 "EPR spectroscopic investigations on drug delivery and release of nanocarriers into cutaneous cells and excised skin" (group of M. Meinke).

SFB 1112 congratulares all winners and is looking forward to this year's poster prize contributions!

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