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Scientific Projects

Scientific Projects

Scientific Projects

Project Area A: Synthesis, Drug Uptake, and Labelling

A01 R. Bodmeier (Pharmaceutical Technology, Institute of Pharmacy, FU Berlin) Development of "smartNLC" and "ARTcrystals" for dermal application of drugs
A02 R. Haag (Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FU Berlin) Polymer architectures with responsive nanocarriers for drug delivery
A03 A. Lendlein/A. Neffe (Inst. for Biomaterials Reserarch, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Teltow) Drug releasing, biodegradable depsipeptide nanoparticles for dermal treatments
A04  R. Haag/M. Calderón (Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FU Berlin) Development of pH-cleavable and thermoresponsive nanogels as nanocarriers for the transdermal triggered release of drugs

Project Area B: Physical Diagnostics and Numerical Models

B01 M. Meinke/R. Bittl (Dermatology, Charité Berlin / (Department of Physics, FU Berlin) EPR spectroscopic investigations on drug delivery and release of nanocarriers into cutaneous cells and excised skin
B02 E. Rühl (Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FU Berlin) Spatially and temporally resolved studies on the transport of nanocarriers and drug release in cells and skin
B03 U. Alexiev (Department of Physics, FU Berlin) Characterization of transport and release properties of responsive nanocarriers by fluorescence  spectroscopy and localization microscopy
B04 R. Netz Department of Physics, FU Berlin) Multiscale models for carrier-assisted drug transport through skin

Project Area C: Nanopharmacology and Dermatology

C02 M. Schäfer-Korting/S. Hedtrich, née Küchler (Institute of Pharmacy, FU Berlin) In vitro disease models – test platform for the investigation of nanocarrier  related transport, activity, and toxicity of drugs
C03 L. Mundhenk/A. Gruber Department of Veterinary Medicine, FU Berlin) Nanocarriers in the skin of mouse models: Penetration, effects of barrier   dysfunctions in diseased skin and improved targeting of inflammation
C04 A. Vogt/U. Blume-Peytavi (Dermatology, Charité Berlin) Ex vivo human skin: Impact of skin barrier function and the presence of hair  follicles on nanocarrier-based anti-inflammatory therapy
C05 J. Lademann (Dermatology, Charité Berlin) Dermal trigger parameters for drug release from nanocarriers

Central Projects

Z01 B. Kleuser/N. Ma/M. Schäfer-Korting (Institute of Nutrition Science, U Potsdam/Inst. for Biomaterials Research, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht (Teltow)/ Institute of Pharmacy, FU Berlin) Toxicity of native and drug-loaded nanocarriers
MGK E. Rühl (Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FU Berlin) Integrated Research Training Group “Nanocarriers"
Z02 E. Rühl /Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FU Berlin) Central tasks - CRC Headquarter and administration