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SFB 1112 Soft Skills

Course offerings in the area of Soft Skills include courses on Professional Training as well as Language Classes. 

Professional Training: In cooperation with the PhD program "Biomedical Sciences" of the Dahlem Research School, the training network aims to develop general key qualifications, especially in the field of knowledge transfer and research management. Doctoral students are required to take Professional Training classes at least during the first two years of their studies, during their third year participation is optional. Overall 2 SWS or 4 CP need to be earned.

In terms of Language Classes the IRTG offers Academic English classes as well as German classes for non-native speakers. Participation in language classes is mandatory during the first year of studies and optional during the following two years, depending on the language skills of the individual student. Overall 1 SWS or 1 CP need to be earned; the requirements in terms of the language training will be determined in the Mentoring Agreement for each student.

For current course offerings of the Integrated Research Training Group "Nanocarrier" regarding Professional Training please see: Classes and Teaching Summer Term 2015

Further course offerings for Professional Training:

The PhD Program Biomedical Sciences of the Dahlem Research School (DRS) offers Professional Training courses under the term "General Skills". You can find an overview of all courses here. A selection of courses suitable for members of IRTG "Nanocarriers" can be found here.

In addition, the Dahlem Research School offers courses on Academic Perfomance, Management Competencies and Carreer Development: Professional Development Program DRS

Language Classes:

The Dahlem Research School also offers courses on Academic English which you can also find here: Professional Development Program DRS. German courses for non-native speakers are listed here

Registration for DRS courses: please contact the administration of the IRTG "Nanocarrier":

Starting in Sommer Semester 2014, the DRS Soft Skill courses cost €100 per participant per course day. For members of the IRTG "Nanocarrier", a certain number of course days will be covered.
It is important that the Supervisory Board of the IRTG keeps an overview of the overall course fees. Therefore, we would like to ask all IRTG members to contact Jeannette Getzin: jeannette.getzin (at) fu-berlin.de before you register for a course.