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SFB 1112-Colloquium

The CRC-Colloquium is offered at least on 8 afternoons within each year of the PhD-studies, i.e. as a general rule on four afternoons within each term ("Semester"). Participation is compulsory during all three years of the PhD-studies, and in total 3 CP (6 SWS) need to be achieved. Per agreement, absence is possible on one fixed colloquium date per year.

The colloquium comprises

  • reports from projects and work groups in the frame of CRC 1112 as well as
  • lectures / talks by guest speakers, mostly from visiting scientists invited by the CRC 1112

fixed date: generally on Thursday, sometimes on Wednesday (see below), time: 5:00 pm (c.t.) - 7:00 pm
venue: Lecture Hall, Takustraße 3

All interested participants are welcome. The lecture hall has a capacity of 100 seats. Talks and lectures are presented in English.

Dates and topics of up-coming colloquia can be found here: CRC-Colloquiums in Winter Term 2017/18

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