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6. Termin SFB-Kolloquium im WiSE2013/14


Host: Teilprojekt A04 - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcelo Calderón

Programm 17:15 - 19:00 (inkl. Kaffeepause)

  • Guest lecture:
                      Prof. Dr. Amedea Barozzi Seabra
                      Institute of Environmental Sciences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,
                      Exact and Earth Sciences Department, Federal University of São Paulo
                      “Nitirc-oxide releasing biomaterials for topical application”


  • SFB-Report:
    Prof. Dr. Marcelo Calderón
                      Organische Chemie, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie, Freie Universität Berlin 
                      “Thermoresponsive nanogels for transdermal drug release”


Die Ankündigung des 6. SFB 1112-Kolloquiums finden Sie hier: SFB-Kolloquium 20.02.2014 (pdf-Datei)