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Project Support Grants 2016

Call for Proposals
Project Support Grants of Integrated Research Training Group “Nanocarriers” of CRC 1112

We are pleased to announce that a maximum of 5 project support grants will be awarded to junior scientists of CRC 1112.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The content of the proposal must be connected to the research goals of CRC 1112, and the proposed work should not be part of the work programme in the CRC 1112 funding proposal.
  2. Eligible for participation are junior scientists of CRC 1112, i.e. postdoctoral fellows, doctoral students, and master students. Principal investigators of the CRC 1112 are not eligible to apply.

A maximum of 5 project support grants will be awarded with a maximum of 1,000 € (incl. VAT) each.

Evaluation Criteria:
Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the Supervisory Board of the Integrated Research Training Group according to the following criteria: clarity of proposal, scientific value and appropriate methodology.

Application Requirements:
The application process requires a proposal describing the research project (background, objectives, work programme, expected results, requested funds, time line). The proposal should be no more than 2 pages in length. Each applicant can submit only one proposal. A follow-up report of 2 pages including allocation of the received funds must be completed 1 month after expiration of the funding and submitted to the office of the Integrated Research Training Group.

Application Submission:
Proposals must be submitted electronically as PDF document to the office of the Integrated Research Training Group: please send an email to Yulia.Feskova (at) fu-berlin.de with the subject line “CRC 1112 project support grant 2016”.

Application deadline: October 13, 2016.

Pdf-file: Call for Proposals