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Falko Neumann, M.Sc. Toxikologie

Doktorand und Stipendiat des IRTG "Nanocarrier", Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. Nan Ma (TP Z01)
Institute of Biomaterial Science
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Campus Teltow



Potential mechanisms of adverse effects of nanoparticles

Erstbetreuerin:                               Prof. Dr. Nan Ma

SFB 1112- Publikationen:

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Sonstige Publikationen:

A. Tschiche, B. N. S. Thota, F. Neumann, A. Schäfer, N. Ma, R. Haag 2016. Crosslinked redox-responsive micelles based on lipoic acid-derived amphiphiles for enhanced siRNA delivery. Macromol Biosci 16 (6), 811-823